13.06. I am currently moving! Therefore the next episode will still take some time. In between there will be an update of the written guide. Thanks for the great feedback so far! You are awesome!!!
01.06. Istrolid Tutorial now available
17.05. Production of Istrolid E01 in progress! This is going to be awesome!
16.05. Speedrun.com added my run on Kingdom as the current World Record 🙂
13.05. Something new is on the way: Istrolid – Highly strategic multiplayer and tons of numbers and  math … I feel home!
Latest Uploads


Istrolis_LogoBe creative! Design your own units, build up your fleet and fight your enemies in tense battles.


WPTutorial2Get on your horse, build up your Kingdom, fight the Greed and save the crown!


Yeah! Base building, troops and battles with wizards and dragons!

Mushroom Wars

Be a fast thinker and coordinate your Shr00m army to conquer new land and destroy your enemies!


Take your two heroes on the mission to save the world. Turn-based-RPG action!