Three years and no upload … what a bummer. But real life happened and i just was too busy to continue making videos. And at some point it has been so long, that continuing a series just wasn’t an option anymore.

Now I will be back and start out a new series exploring the Minecraft universe on the VMC-Tec server. The videos will be a little bit more like a Let’s Play but we will do some math and physics every other episode.


Lets explore the Minecraft universe on the VMC-Tec Server and build awesome stuff!


Istrolis_LogoBe creative! Design your own units, build up your fleet and fight your enemies in tense battles.

Mushroom Wars

Be a fast thinker and coordinate your Shr00m army to conquer new land and destroy your enemies!


WPTutorial2Get on your horse, build up your Kingdom, fight the Greed and save the crown!


Take your two heroes on the mission to save the world. Turn-based-RPG action!


Yeah! Base building, troops and battles with wizards and dragons!