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Kingdom 1.2 In 9 Days – The World Record

Part 3.5 of the Kingdom 1.2 Tutorial πŸ™‚ I reviewed the battle plan and found some optimization potential! Also I discovered an awesome trick to get more people in shorter time: ‘Remote Hiring’. Now the battle plan is set for 9 days only and this

Kick-Off Episode: Introduction, Test Run And First Tips & Tricks

Let me give you some information on the upcoming analysis and the schedule for the analysis on Kingdom 1.2! Also in this part we do a test run and try out some crazy stuff to push the limits and find out new things about Kingdom 1.2. I will already give some Tips & Tricks and explain a little bit what strategies I have in mind.

Below the video you will find an 1. overview of the upcoming episodes and the current release dates 2. A summary of game changes and what we discovered so far in episode 01.

The Ultimate Battle Plan – Physics On Kingdom 1.2

Part 2 of the Kingdom 1.2 Tutorial In this part of the Kingdom 1.2 tutorial we are doing it – Physics to beat the game! Let’s refresh those analyses from the first Kingdom series and at the same time create the ultimate battle plan. How