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Basics And How To Build Good Ships In Istrolid

Part 1 of the Istrolid Tutorial In this first part of the tutorial I give you basic information on how Istrolid works and what the numbers behind the ship parts mean. Also I will provide you with information, tools and strategies to build good and

The Ultimate Battle Plan – Physics On Kingdom 1.2

Part 2 of the Kingdom 1.2 Tutorial In this part of the Kingdom 1.2 tutorial we are doing it – Physics to beat the game! Let’s refresh those analyses from the first Kingdom series and at the same time create the ultimate battle plan. How

TecThor applies physics to analyse Kingdom

A whole new dimension of enjoying the game of Kingdom by applying the methodology of physics and mathematics to beat the game! The Challenge: “Beat the game Kingdom as fast as possible by using physics and set a record to remember.” In this first episode