Introduction To Mushroom Wars And Mini Tutorial

Part 1 of the Mushroom Wars series

In this first episode we take a first look at Mushroom Wars. I will explain how the game works and show what it has to offer by playing the tutorial missions from the campaign mode. It will be partly tutorial and partly gameplay. In the next episode we will take a look at the Skirmish mode and take a closer look at the gameplay.

Some Basic Information on the Gameplay

  • There are three different game modes: Campaign, Skirmish and Multiplayer
  • Every Battle can be fought in easy, normal and hard mode …. where hard really means hard!
  • The multiplayer is not yet implemented but will be in the near future
  • You can get rewards in the campaign missions. I love this! It means you have to fulfill different targets in order to unlock the rewards and therefore can play the missions over and over again until you got them all 🙂


  • The morale of your Shr00ms increases if you successfully defend or conquer buildings or if you simply upgrade buildings. BUT staying idle or not being able to conquer or defend buildings makes the moral drop! A high morale increases the attack, speed and defense power of you Srh00ms!


  • The upgrades of the villages will make your defense stronger and allows you to have more Shr00ms in the villages


  • Upgrading the forges gives your Shr00ms more attack and defense power


  • The tower upgrades make the tower shoot faster and therefore allows you to take out more enemy Shr00ms!



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