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    Physics on Istrolid

    So the battle is in your hands and you can build your own ships out of  many different parts? And all those parts have numbers? Awesome! Let’s analyze what are the best strategies and what are the perfect part combinations for the ships! This tutorial will provide a downloadable ship optimizer that will guarantee that your fleet is the best possible army!

  • Game Specifics
    Istrolid is free to play! YOU design all your battle units yourself and then build up your own fleet to fight against the AI or other players!   The campaign mode gives you a brief introduction to all the possible parts your ship can be build of: Turrets,  Armor, Energy, Thrust. How do you want your fleet to be? Agile, fast and light or heavy, slow and with bad-ass firing power? Or a combination of those? It is up to you … what a freedom of creativity! You can build whatever you want and save your units. This gives you the fantastic freedom to build your fleet up out of units that are matching your own taste and gameplay. Man this is awesome! But be careful: If you build your ships wrong they may run out of power, cannot move because they are too heavy or will just be useless because of the bad combination of  parts.
    Ones you have assembled some units you can jump into the battle: territorial control where you maneuver your ships to best use their energy, ranges, firing arcs, turn rates and firepower.
    If you play the campaign you get tons of different missions in order to conquer a whole galaxy.  They start out easy and you will get  explanations on how the different parts (and there are so many of them) work. But your missions become harder and harder. You constantly will have to adjust your strategies in order to be successful.
    The challenge mode offers you exactly that: A challenge for every taste. Easy, Normal and Hard are your options. Here you can get some training  and try to conquer the battle field or better ‘battle space’ and defend yourself.
    You want the real deal? Then join the multiplayer and show how good your fleet is against another mind and his or her fleet!
    I have to admit that I’m not a big space battle fan. But this is awesome and really well done … love it!
    The game is for free and you definetly should give it a try ! Once you got into it and collected your first experience you probably won’t stop playing anymore :-).

    • Build your own units out of over 200 different parts
    • Campaign, Challenges  and Multiplayer
    • Highly creative strategic unit setup and tense space battles

    Get it here: Istrolid on Steam

    Genre:  Free to Play • Strategy • Indie
    Reviews: Very Positive (>350)
    Developer: treeform
    Publisher: treeform