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    Tutorial on Kingdom 1.2

    In Episode 1 I make a test run, give an introduction to the series and the first Tips & Tricks. Then in Episode 2 I develop the ultimate battle plan by using physics and math. This will then lead to the record run in episode 3 – 10 Days Only!!! In episode 4 I will try to set the record for the longest survival. The last episode is not yet done and will be announced when I start the production.

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    New Open Beta Of Kingdom 1.2!!!

    Lets take a look at the upcoming update of Kingdom! The Open Beta is already available and I want to check out how it is going to be. Are the numbers and mechanics from the Kingdom 1.0 series now obsolete? Can we still use our speed run tactics? Lets find out!

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    Tutorial on Kingdom 1.0

    I use physics and math to develop a battle plan that will enable us to play Kingdom in the best and most efficient way. The goal is to beat this game as fast as possible ! In Episode 1 I do the math and measurements to then try to set the record in episodes 2 and 3. I will do it in 11 Days Only (episode 3)!!! Check it out πŸ™‚

  • Game Specifics
    For me this is THE best Indie game of 2015 and in 2016 there hasn’t been a better one so far. You play a prince/princess, ride your hours, build up your base or kingdom and have to defend yourself against the Greed (the enemy) every night. They are coming from 4 portals which one has to destroy to save the crown and beat the game. The controls are minimal and the complexity isn’t too high – but don’t get that wrong! The game is hard! But for me especially this is a big plus.

    In the beginning you start your camp and hire the first people. You will have to keep your camp upgrading and you will have to head out into the woods to get more people, activate special buffs or find hidden chests with coins. At some point you will have a castle and the ability to train some knights which you then can send off to the portals in order to destroy them.

    Music and atmosphere are a real highlight and the 2D pixel world looks just so beautiful that you will get sucked into this game very fast. There are a lot of ways to be successful BUT there are even more ways to screw up and get defeated πŸ™‚
    You need a strategy, enough income and people to survive the day and beat the game. I LOVE that this is challenging and you get rewards for being fast or surviving very long.

    Get it here: Kingdom on Steam
    Genre: Strategy β€’ Pixel Graphics β€’ Survival β€’ Indie β€’ 2D
    Reviews: Very Positive (>2,700)
    Developer: Noio , Licorice
    Publisher: Raw Fury