Kingdom 1.2 In 9 Days – The World Record

Part 3.5 of the Kingdom 1.2 Tutorial 🙂

I reviewed the battle plan and found some optimization potential! Also I discovered an awesome trick to get more people in shorter time: ‘Remote Hiring’. Now the battle plan is set for 9 days only and this of course is reason enough to give it another try and not only beat Kingdom 1.2 but also setting the world record!  Below the video you will find some more Tips & Tricks from this run and the updated battle plan.

1. Remote hiring

  • You can get up to 4 people out of one camp by visiting it only once: Awesome!!!
  • If you drop a coin in an empty camp the next peasant that spawns will go for it and you automatically hire him!
  • You do  not have to wait until the peasant spawns and therefore you get more people in shorter time RemoteHiring
  • In the picture you can see that the camp is to the right side. So what I do is 1. pay of the greed 2. drop a coin at the end of the camp and 3. drop one coin at the camp fire. That’s it! You will for sure hire 2 people by doing that!
  • On your way back to the base you can drop 2 more coins in every camp on the way and therefore maximize the amount of people you get out of one camp

2. Timings for an attack on a portal

  • It is important that you time your attacks in the right way! You don’t want a portal go down in the beginning of the day!
  • Reason for that: The retaliation wave needs 1-2 minutes to reach your camp and then you need another 1-2 minutes to fight off the attack. That means that your archers will stay behind the wall not farming anything and you easily loose 50-70 coins. A catastrophe on a speedrun!!!
  • The perfect moment for a portal going down is in the evening or second half of the day. This way the retaliation wave reaches your camp in the night together with the normal attack. Then in the morning you will have fought off this attack and can start farming again.
  • In the picture below I give you a rough thumb rule how you can time your attacks optimal and manage to destroy the portals in the right moment.


  • All you need to do is: Count the camps, shrines, chests, grass areas or whatever is in front of the portal.
  • The red lines in the picture indicate in which position the sun has to be when you send off the knight party. Easy to do and it will help you big time!

3. Stamina Special

  • The Kingdom developer Thomas van den Berg from Noio send in some very interesting  information on the horse stamina:


  • Awesome intel – thanks Thomas!

4. The Optimized Ultimate Battle Plan for Speed Runs on Kingdom 1.2

Download the Battle Plan as PDF


5 thoughts on “Kingdom 1.2 In 9 Days – The World Record”

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  3. LDR says:

    Pulling my hair off trying to get do you what you said. Thanks for the guides and maths

    1. tecthor says:

      It needs a little bit of practice. Hang in there 😉
      If it was that easy it would be boring anyway right? 😀

  4. StormChild says:

    Amazing work, TecThor! I hope Kingdom: New Lands will be out in weeks – I’m sure you’ll also make fantastic videos about it! :))

  5. Musaran says:

    In v1.2.0 (r290):
    •Coins disappear in 2:00s
    •Beggars respawn every 2:00s, from when the camp drops under 2.
    So remote hiring works for just 1 beggar.

    As a side note, if the camp has above 2 then every 12s or so a beggar disappears.
    So if a hired beggar gets caught and walks back to the nearest camp, one is unlikely to ever see it as a 3rd (or more) beggar in camp.

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