Mushroom Wars

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    Preview of Mushroom Wars

    Lets take a look at this delicious real time strategy game! In episode 1 I give you an introduction to the gameplay and we take a look at how the game works and what it has to offer. Then in episode 2 I check out the Skirmish Mode and try to battle three hard enemies in the arenas Quadrex I & II. Lets see how that is going to work out … 🙂

  • Game Specifics
    This game is real time strategy! You have to coordinate your very own mushroom army in order to conquer, hold and defend villages, towers and forges. I played this game for quite some hours now and it is getting more and more fun. What has been wild clicking in the beginning – including lots of failures –   became coordinated battle sessions where you have to think fast and make quick decisions in order to win.  Once you are there this game is just AWESOME!  You can select Campaign, Skirmish and Multiplayer (not yet implemented) Mode. Also there are three different game modes/mission types:
    1. Conquest: you  have to capture all buildings.
    2. Domination: Conquer  specific buildings to win
    3. King of the hill: Conquer and hold specific buildings to gain points. Whoever reaches 300 points first wins the round
    Everything comes in easy, normal and hard…. and hard means hard! It is very challenging and I especially love the reward system. Every mission in the campaign mode can be played having a different focus and goal in order to unlock the rewards.
    The game will also have a multiplayer mode in the near future and that means up to 4 players can play against each other or make a 2on2 … or 1on3 :-). I am really looking forward to that! It will make this game even more fun and battling against another mind is just so much cooler, right?.
    I can definitely recommend this game to anyone who likes real time strategy!

    • Varying multiplayer modes: king of the hill, domination, capture
    • Up to four players and 4000 units in a battle simultaneously
    • Maximum action in five-minute matches
    • Strategic resource management: Mushroom hordes perform both as fighting units and an important consumable resource for upgrades.
    • Skill-based gameplay with fair competition

    Get it here: Mushroom Wars on Steam

    Genre:  Strategy • Action • Indie • RTS • Multiplayer • 2D
    Reviews: Very Positive (>60)
    Developer: Zillion Whales , Creat Studios
    Publisher: Zillion Whales