Basics, Fighter and Cleric

The Overfall Tutorial Part 1

In this Tutorial on Overfall you will find a lot of useful Tips & Tricks to improve your own gameplay for this awesome game by Pera Games.

Watch the video or go directly to the tips and tricks below

Note that this Tutorial is still under construction and will be updated frequently

1.1 Character Setup, Weapons, Skills and Trinkets

  • Make sure to select a team that can survive on its own. If you take two short range heroes that cannot heal themselves up you will get into trouble very soon!
  • Take a healer with you (e.g. the Cleric)
  • If you just started and have only the Fighter and the Cleric I do recommend to unlock the following items:

Fighter: Weapon ‘Bloodfang’ or ‘Nightbane’ and Utility Skill ‘Intimidate’
Cleric: Utility Skill ‘Heaven’s Gust’

1.2 Your Interface on the World Map


  • By hitting the Space Bar or clicking the Right Mouse Button you consume 1 Dust and speed up for 5 seconds (good to run away from the Vorn! They chase you if the spot you)
  • Ctrl + I heals everybody up (if you have enough food)

1.2 The Overfall Wiki


  • Visit the Overfall Wiki to get yourself supplied with information on: Heroes, Companions, Enemies, Personas, Unlocks, Skills, Trinkets and Weapons
  • The Wiki is a “work in progress” but you already find detailed information on the Unlocks and Personas here
  • In section 3 of this tutorial you will find detailed information on the unlocking business and some extra tables that help you out

1.3 Getting Reputation


  • There are 6 different races you can (and probably have to) collect reputation for
  • You get reputation points for doing quests on the inhabited islands or by sinking ships of the enemy race

1.4 Special Islands


  • The games in the Inns are pure luck … therefore you shouldn’t play them (unless you’re rich … in which case, go ahead)
  • Sometimes you are asked to mix your own drink: Worth it! You most often get a lot of resources out of that
  • At the Altars you can only revive heroes, not companions!
  • You can buy a revive that will resurrect you during the battle (recommended for companions if you have runes to spare)
  • Runes can be bought from Pirates & Adventurers
  • All weapon upgrades/enchantments at the Bazaar will cost 58 frags in total. Do it as soon as possible!

1.5 Pirates, Salesman and Adventurer


  • Use the Free Trader / Salesman to trade resources on the seas
  • If you ask for the next Bazaar, a new Bazaar will spawn nearby your position


  • You can get quests and runes from the Pirates


  • You can get quests and runes from the Adventurers
  • Ask for directions to the next Arena to make one spawn nearby your position

1.6 Upgrade your skills


  • Visit the Guild Ships as soon as possible to upgrade your utility skills! For each upgrade your utility skill gets additional effects
  • Upgrading all utility skills cost 30 Dust in total (5 for each utility skill of your heroes, companions cannot learn upgrades)

1.7 Combat in Overfall

Basic Tips to Consider:

  1. Apply Debuffs to foes
  2. Get rid of Debuffs on your heroes (for example with ‘Dispel’ from your Cleric)
  3. Keep your enemies from attacking you (by applying ‘Crippled’, ‘Confused’, ‘Immobilized’, ‘Blind’ … )
  4. Use Skill-Combos to max the damage! (For example ‘Tormented’ + ‘Fear’ is a great skill combo that can deal a lot of extra damage)

Know Your Enemies


  • Take your time to look at the statistics, especially if you do not know your enemy. You find the stats in the bars below the enemy picture
  • The stat ‘Speed’ is important for you! It tells you how far this enemy can walk (in units of hexes). Use this information to plan if you are or will be in his range. You want to be the attacker and not the attacked one!
  • Defense will determine how good an enemy evades or how likely your attack will miss
  • You can also see which Personas (Conditions) your enemies have below the stats
  • Initiative determines the order of turns for all participants in the fight. The arrangement of the pictures on the top equals the order for the current battle. Take this into account when you apply combos!

The 3 phases of fighting


  • Movement Phase: Move your hero or apply a special move – Always 2 options
  • Utility Phase: Apply buffs, debuffs or a special action – Always 3 options
  • Attack Phase: Use your weapon to deal damage – Always 3 options

1.8 Team Cleric + Fighter (with recommended items from 1.1)

The Figther

Movement Phase

  • Heroic leap lets your fighter jump to a target hex and deals 2 damage points. That can be 20 if you land a crit and are well equipped

Utility Phase

  • Earthcrack increases damage for every attack and stack of damage causing debuff by 1. So if the target has 2 stacks of bleeding, vulnerable will increase the 2 damage points to 4.
  • Earthcrack removes one buff. Consider that when you decide on which target you put that on
  • Intimidate applies fear and dazed. This is great for the combo Fear+Tormented. Range is 4, so you don’t have to be next to the target
  • Incapacitate applies Disarm and Immobilized. This is great to disable your enemy! He will not be able to use the attack phase and therefore cannot cause you damage. Be aware that this can be canceled.

Attack Phase

  • Ruthless Rend is awesome! This deals 4 damage points and applies 2 stacks of bleeding. Don’t waste this on enemies that will die anyway or are very low on HP
  • Bold Strike deals 3 damage + 2 if the target is bleeding. Also it applies Chilled and Mortal Wounds which weakens the enemy
  • The Hurricane strike is your best friend when having lots of enemies around you! It deals 4 damage to all adjacent enemies

The Cleric

Movement Phase

  • Faithfull pull heals your comrade/companion up for 2 HP and applies Protection which counters all damage over time debuffs.
  • Also it pulls your party member towards you.
  • You have to be in a straight horizontal or diagonal position to the party member you want to apply this on!


Utility Phase

  • Numbing Light is a powerful but delayed heal! It heals 2 HP for 2 rounds, so 4 HP in total. The heal will happen when it is the target’s turn.
  • Numbing Light also applies Aegis which increases the chance that enemy attacks will miss. If you have several damage over time effects on you, it can be better to use Dispel instead of Numbing Light.
  • Dispel is important to remove debuffs from your heroes or buffs from your enemies!
  • Heaven’s Gust will apply tormented, is an AOE spell and enables you to apply your key combo Tormented+Fear.
  • BUT if your enemy can apply protection the combination Fear+Tormented gets countered! If you find that out, don’t put this combo on that enemy.

Attack Phase

  • Wave of light is an AOE spell and causes a lot of damage if used correctly. Prefer this attack if you can attack more than one enemy
  • Retribution deals 4 damage points, has a high range and can apply confusion (75% chance), which causes your enemy to skip the utility phase. Confusion means no buffs or debuffs for this guy in the next round!
  • Holy Nova is an awesome heal spell. It heals every adjacent party member including yourself by 2 HP AND it deals 3 HP to every adjacent enemy. Use this when you have a lot of party members/enemies around you BUT don’t wait too long for a good positioning! If a heal is needed you should use this and if it is only yourself you are healing up.

Basic Strategies and Combos

  • Vulnerable + Bleeding to increase damage over time effects
  • Vulnerable + Tormented for long ranged enemies (Archer, Caster etc.)
  • Fear + Tormented on short ranged enemies to deal extra damage and disabling them by keeping them away (Troll)
  • Apply Blind to long ranged enemies and then use your fighter to apply incapacitate to keep them disabled. Chances are good that this guy won’t even get a chance to attack you!
  • Think about your positioning! Always try to position your fighter and cleric in a way that you can apply faithful pull if needed

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