Physics On Overfall: Tips & Tricks, How To Get Reputation Fast

The Overfall Tutorial Part 2

The power and beauty of math and physics reveals some interesting facts about Overfall that you can apply to progress faster and to optimize your gameplay.

Watch the video or go directly to the tips and tricks below

2.1 Time in Overfall


  • Time is counted in ingame days and only passes if you are on the world map
  • One ingame day has a duration of 7 seconds if you move your ship and 70 seconds if you don’t move it
  • Moving your ship causes the time to pass 10 times faster
  • Due to the Vorn invasion your time is very limited
  • The more time passes the less option of gathering reputation you have because the Vorn invades islands and sets them on fire


  • Plan your actions carefully and don’t waste your time. Think about the race you want to get reputation with BEFORE you start the game
  • Avoid traveling big distances if you don’t have to


  • Collect floating cargo only if you are about to pass it anyway. Don’t make a big detour

If you do all this you can slow down the Vorn invasion and get more time to prepare your final battle.

2.2 How much Time Do We Have?

  • The maximum amount of time is defined as: Start of the game until the final quest “The Last Stand” appears (although you could continue playing afterwards)


  • This time is defined by the 5 phases of the Vorn invasion:,

Phase 1-3: Normal islands get attacked
Phase 4: Settlements/Homelands get attacked
Phase 5: The final quest appears

  • Thumb Rule: You have in average 125 Days ± 20 Days which has an equivalent of 14,5 minutes

2.3 How big is the universe?

Galileo was wrong! The world is a flat square and not a rotating sphere … at least in Overfall 😉


  • Each border of the world has a “lenght” of 100s or 14,3 Days traveling time. That means you need roughly 7 days from the portal to the edge of the world or 10 days if you travel diagonal

2.4 Where to go?

  • In order to get reputation we need to sail the world. But where do we go?
  • Statistics: Each race has 15 Normal Island and 15 Homelands/Settlements
  • Settlements are always in the outer region of the world
  • The settlements of one race are always packed together in one single region

The Green-Zone-Strategy


  • You should not be too close to the portal. Try to keep a minimum distance of 8s or 1 days from the portal
  • The Too Far Zone starts at a distance of 21s or 3 days
  • Sail out for 2 days (or 15 seconds) in the beginning and you will get into the Green-Zone where you find 73 % of all normal islands which is more than enough!
  • In order to get reputation sail around the portal and stay in the green zone. Visit only the island type of the race you want to gather reputation for
  • Thumb rule: Homelands on the boarder of the screen and you’re fine. Burning islands on the screen and you are too close
  • Applying this strategy will allow you to get your 5 reputation points in under 10:00 minutes!

2 thoughts on “Physics On Overfall: Tips & Tricks, How To Get Reputation Fast”

  1. Skeptic says:

    In the beginning of the game before hiring your first companion, I don’t think you need to only target the island types that you want reputation with. I would hit up every non-homeland island close to me. This will speed up the chance of earning “any” type of reputation and hasten the recruiting of the first companion. You should still keep in mind which type of reputation you desire and attack the other faction in war with the faction of your interest. Attacking homelands and ships of warring factions will rapidly boost your reputation.

  2. Skeptic says:

    Very nice article. I love the “green zone” concept. The map is laid out exactly like the flat earth map. A top down view. You don’t wrap around to the other side if you reach one end of the world. Most of the activity is at the center of the map.

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