How to Unlock Stuff

The Overfall Tutorial Part 3

In this part I’m going to show you how you can unlock Heroes, Companions, Utility Skills and Trinkets. I deliver two All-In-One tables that will help you big time to get your unlocks!

Watch the video or go directly to the tips and tricks below

3.1 Requirements To Unlock Anything

  • You get unlocks if you finish the game: Easy=>1    Normal=>2   Hard=>3 unlocks
  • You can get a lot of information on unlocks at the official Overfall Wiki
  • To get a specific unlock you have to fulfill a combination of 7 possible requirements:
  1. Reputation: Get a specific reputation status with a specific race
  2. Resources: You have to have those resources with you
  3. Flora:  Specific type of island that you have to visit
  4. Persona: Conditions that you can get in many ways
  5. Companion: You have to have a certain companion in your party
  6. Trait: A natural ability/aura call it what you want 🙂
  7. Other: You find 6 different entries here  (see table below)

Meaning of the texts in the column ‘Other’:


Statistics of the Requirements

The following table lists: 1. Requirement type   2. All existing items/objects for the type 3. All NEEDED items for unlocking


  • You need all companions, traits and races
  • From the 169 Personas you “only” need 54 to unlock stuff

3.2 Enhanced Unlock Table

  • I melted the Requirements, Personas and the Traits table from the wiki together
  • The new table tells you in addition how you can trigger the persona AND what party setup you need in order to fulfill the trait requirements!
  • That’s how the result looks like (links to the table are below)



3.3 How To Get Personas

  • We want to get a persona on purpose and not by accident
  • I created a list where I documented the best strategies to get ALL of the 54 PERSONAS!
  • Here you find information on
  1. Where you have to go
  2. What you have to do,
  3. Which enemies you have to fight
  4. Tips and Hints
  • In addition I added the difficulty for each persona. The difficulty is defined by the amount of time I needed n average to get the persona with the recommended tactics



3.4 ‘Visit Island’ – Personas

  • There are 15 personas of the type: “Visit 5-20 time island type x”
  • Those can be annoying because they are 1 out of 4. So you have a 25% chance to get the correct persona
  • Therefore you should get those personas right in the beginning of the game (before you do anything else)
  • You have to visit different islands and cannot go back and forward between two islands
  • To get the Persona fast you should search the homelands and bump into those because
  • You don’t have to do anything on the islands. So just visit them, don’t engage and run from any battle if you can
  • If you didn’t get the correct persona, restart the game and try again

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  1. MrZ says:

    Awesome job!

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  2. ddtmartin says:

    Tecthor I really appreciate your hard work. Is there any chance you could send or post one of these saves with everything unlocked?
    I just do not have enough time to try and enjoy the game in this way

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