Kick-Off Episode: Introduction, Test Run And First Tips & Tricks

Part 1 of the Kingdom 1.2 Tutorial  [Special Feature: Talking Knights!!! :-O]

Let me give you some information on the upcoming analysis and the schedule for the analysis on Kingdom 1.2! Also in this part we do a test run and try out some crazy stuff to push the limits and find out new things about Kingdom 1.2. I will already give some Tips & Tricks and explain a little bit what strategies I have in mind.

Below the video you will find an 1. overview of the upcoming episodes and the current release dates 2. A summary of game changes and what we discovered so far in episode 01.

Status Of Series:


1. New Mechanics And Features In Kingdom 1.2

Marked in red: Important for our new strategy

Gameplay updates

  • The AI has had a complete overhaul, it should process much faster and with less glitches. This means game runs significantly smoother under most conditions, even late in the game when many enemies show up.
  • New menu with more options: change sound / music volume separately. Allow change zoom level if available.
  • Collision resolution has been improved to decrease lag with many coins.
  • Saving (by quitting the game) is possible at night and in combat.
  • Borders aren’t moved while a wall is under construction. This means archers will stay in position while walls are upgraded.
  • Knights will retreat to an intact wall if the outer wall takes too much damage.
  • Knight attack procedure makes them more consistent.
  • Overhaul for the boss monster.
  • New (faster) horses.


  • Enemy boulders (rocks that get thrown at you) damage maximum of 5 citizens
  • Make archers always run when redistributing
  • Portals stay closed longer before spawning
  • Workers won’t work on things too close to a spawner
  • Deer are no longer scared of unarmed citizens
  • Final Wave no longer increases in difficulty before day 100, and is no longer easier before day 30.
  • Adjusted enemies to be a bit more threatening for earlier (day 20 and earlier) Blood Moons.
  • Reduced Fliers in several waves and delayed their introduction to a later Blood Moon Event
  • Only during the first Blood Moon when players encounter the Breeder is it alone.
  • Slight tweaks to Portal collapse waves.


2. What We Already Found Out

    • Hiring people behind the portal seems to be an applicable strategy now, if the timing is correct
    • Knights are way stronger! Sending out a single knight party does most often cause the portal to get destroyed
    • Knights can now be send off to the portal at any time: Day or night doesn’t matter
    • The retreat function seems to work although some of the archers often get lost in the process. This could be an additional tactical improvement to the battle plan
    • The new creatures “breeders ” are VERY strong and can swallow more than 3 shots from the catapult. Finding a way to defeat them fast will be one of the keys for our speedrun
    • The new horse (that we didn’t use :-)) is faster than the one you get in the beginning (we checked that out in the Beta Preview). I’m not yet sure if this really will give an advantage but we will clarify that in the next episode by using math


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