The Ultimate Battle Plan – Physics On Kingdom 1.2

Part 2 of the Kingdom 1.2 Tutorial

In this part of the Kingdom 1.2 tutorial we are doing it – Physics to beat the game! Let’s refresh those analyses from the first Kingdom series and at the same time create the ultimate battle plan. How fast will Kingdom 1.2 be beatable?

New and additional information in part 3.5 now available here! (This tutorial also has been updated)

1. Beating The Final Wave

  • we will have to take out the Breeders and this is going to be tough! Here is some information on those big guys:


  • the final wave brings 50 small greed monster, 3-4 breeder and 16 flyer with it! Statistics on all retaliation waves:


  • archer buff and wall buff are a MUST HAVE during the retaliation waves of portals 2,3 and 4
  • archer buff: doubled arrow damage + increased accuracy + higher shooting rate
  • wall buff: twice as strong walls!
  • To defeat the final wave you need 12 archers at each border
  • The catapult is the most effective weapon against the flyers! Build it AFTER destroying portal 4

2. Time, Length And Velocity

  • Day & Night Cycle: 240s or 4 minutes
  • the day has 165s and the night 75s
  • the basic length unit can be defined by the 2 outer walls of starting base


  • knowing this distance we can measure all the important velocities of our prince/princess, archers, the greed…:


Note: All speeds are relative to the walking speed of the brown horse


  • archers are faster than the workers – thank god!!!
  • the greed has the same walking speed as we do
  • the black horse in comparison to the brown horse

– The black horse runs 20% faster
– runs 5 seconds longer without grass buff and
– runs 13 seconds longer with the grass buff
– needs 10 more seconds to regenerate stamina


  • get the black horse for 3 coins as fast as possible. It is worth it!
3. Awesome Intel: The developer Thomas van den Berg from Noio on stamina
  • The Kingdom developer Thomas van den Berg send in some very interesting  information:


  • the base is no longer in the middle of the map!


  • Your knights will need between 150 and 200s to reach the edge of the world and therefore now can reach and destroy any portal on the map within only one day!
  • typical world setup:


3. Hiring The People

  • The total amount of people that are needed is 50:


  • You only need one knight party per portal attack
  • For portal 1+2 you need to feed 3 coins minimum for 3+4 you need to feed 5 coins!
  • Knight performances on portal destruction:


  • to hire the 50 people pay off the greed in the evening, run behind the portal and hire everything you can!
  • the portals are deactivated for 157s after the greedy guys spawned in the evening. Enough time for your peasants to make it in front of the portal without getting attacked
  • doing this will get you up to 60 people within 5 days! That is 10 more than we need. So it does make sense to pay off the greed in the first 5 nights.
  • Greed spawns for the first 5 days: 1,1,2,3,4,5
  • make hiring your primary objective for the first couple of days
  • Update from Episode 3.5: Maximize the  amount of people with ‘Remote Hiring‘!

4. Resources

  • we need 400 coins! And we get 54 from starting money + daily chest (up to day 5) and the two hidden chests on the map
  • the missing 346 coins we farm with the rabbit hole farming method
  • therefore we mow down the trees left AND right of the camp to make some spawn
  • we need 4 rabbit holes to farm the money within 9.6 days
  • doing this and not building the farm saves us 60 coins and doesn’t bind 6 people to the farm that we cannot use anymore
  • the archers will do all the work for you AND defend your kingdom in the end

Costs, Upgrades and Farming:








5. Ultimate Battle Plan For Kingdom 1.2

5.1 The old plan for finishing in 11 days

Download TecThor’s Ultimate Battle Plan for Kingdom1.2 (R290)


5.1 The new plan for finishing in 9 days

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    GREAT RUN!!!! A good tip for turning around a deer. Wait until the deer passes you once he is 1/4inch past you turn around and chase it should flip back after 2 steps. Worst case when you get to the deer’s mid body it will flip back.

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