TecThor-Fleet, Strategies And Procedures For Istrolid

Part 2 of the Istrolid Tutorial

In this part of the Istrolid tutorial I give  the  bad-ass TecThor-Fleet which comes with  11 optimized ships that will allow you to play in one of the (many) best and most efficient way(s) right in the beginning. Also we take a look at different strategies and procedures to handle any situation.

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3. The TecThor-Fleet

  • One word up in front: This fleet  works with small and very fast  units in combination with big and slow units
  • It is a classical setup and quite simple to play. But don’t get fooled: simple just means that the applicable strategies are not too complex. Executing the strategy however can be very tricky and needs some training!
  • The whole fleet consists of units that like to work together, create symbiotic effects   and was designed to fit together
  • All movement speeds are adjusted in a way that it is easy to maneuver the units and the energy management is adjusted to supply sufficient energy for the  whole session
  • I put a lot of thought and mathematics in the development and tested all units in all kind of situations to come up with a strong fleet
  • In other words: The units below are clockwork and reveal their true power if used and combined correctly … of course I’m gonna explain that

3.1 Drones



  • A thrust and a battery for only 30 $
  • Insane 490 m/s speed allows you to reach any point on the battle flied within 2-10 seconds
  • This unit obviously is not for combat but to conquer EMPTY positions or defend positions that are getting captured by drones
  • If an enemy drone captures a position and you place this one on the position or just move over it the position will not get captured!



  • For 88 $ you get a very fast and agile flying cannon
  • It can shoot up to 22 times dealing a total of 204 damage points
  • With 72 HP it can swallow 2-3 shots of nearly every weapon which most often is enough to fight of other drones
  • Team up two of those if your  enemy  uses stronger drones



  • Your opponent will hate this one!
  • With 238 m/s it still is fast and with 152 HP it can swallow up to 8 shots from most of the weapons
  • The cloak device will hide the ship and make it hard to detect. The light beam is mounted on the small 360° mount which halves the range. This way the drone will only shoot and de-cloak if an enemy ship is about to bump into the drone (which also causes the unit to de-cloak)
  • Turns out: placing this unit on the border of an enemy position makes it really hard to find and destroy it.
  • In average my enemies need 6-10 seconds to detect the unit and if they came with a drone there is no chance they survive
  • The unit can shoot up to 34 times within 15 seconds  dealing a total of 306 damage – enough to counter small ships or 2 drones at the same time

3.2 Figther

Small Squid


  • This small close/mid-range fighter comes with a good speed and Auto Cannons on 360° towers
  • A small PD beam fights off incoming projectiles and missiles
  • The batteries are strong enough to move big distances and still be able to fight 30s
  • With nearly 400 HP the small squid endures battles against several ships and is a strong unit
  • The two Auto Cannons deal up to 363 damage in 30s
  • Team up 2 or 3 of those and you can take out most of the ships
  • Avoid chasing enemy units if they have the same or a bigger speed

Big Squid


  • This guy is a tough nut for most of the enemy ships and one of the key units in the TecThor-Fleet!
  • As a short & mid range fighter he likes to directly fly towards enemy ships and engage
  • The torpedo launchers are mounted on the small 360° mount to have the same range as the two auto cannons. By doing this the big squid puts out a big amount of damage when getting in range (500m) and makes it harder for the enemy ships to dodge the missiles.
  • When moving in closer to the enemy ship the Phase Bomb Launcher will get in range and fire its deadly bullets which can hardly be dodged due to the close range.
  • An overkill boost prevents your energy consuming PB-Launcher to shoot on low HP ships and is placed in a way that also one Auto Cannon gets affected
  • Up in the front is a small DP beam  to fight off projectiles and missiles
  • The 170 m/s movement speed is  fast enough for maneuvers but could be too slow for chasing. Therefore let the enemy attack you and wait for your chance to move into range
  • with 630 HP and 94,8 dps this unit is pretty bad-ass for its price.
  • 3-4 big squids take out a big enemy destroyer with up to 1600 HP and 200 dps. Awesome!
  • The Big Squid covers big distances and fights up to 30s full contact and deals up to 2840 damage points before a re-charge is needed

3.3 Destroyer

Giant Squid


  • The Giant Squid is an insane war machine!
  • 11 Torpedo Launchers, an Auto Cannon and a Phase Bomb Launcher are build on a quite self efficient ship with 1,100 HP
  • This ship is used to move the front line towards your enemy and reduce his/her usable space
  • The radius of 1000 m around the ship gets spammed with and cleaned by missiles.
  • The DP beam shoots down projectiles and missiles.  This also sufficiently prevents  enemy ships with a bigger range to land hits on your ship.
  • If you are under constant fire of a long range ship you simply build the external re-charger and laugh at your enemy 😉
  • Combining this monster with the Big Squid Fighters  gets your opponent in a lot of trouble
  • In full contact battles the Giant Squid deals up to 2,230 damage points in only 15s.
  • Due to the reactors this ship easily shoots with 100% of all weapons for 25s … nothing that can be considered a fighting enemy survives the 3,7k damage dealt in that time!
  • A full re-charge needs 37 seconds  which is short enough to recover after a heavy fight as your opponent also will have to rebuild his ships and get to you (… if he dares to)
  • Weakness: The Giant Squid wants to be protected! Most weapon systems have a firing angle of 270° leaving a blind spot behind the ship. Due to a low turning speed that can be a fatal if fast units attack from behind. You counter this by stopping the unit as soon as a dangerous enemy ship is about to come into range. Then you use your fighters to help out your destroyer. Doing that you have nothing to fear about.

Giant Stinger Squid


  • This unit is an alternative to the Giant Squid or can be used as a companion
  • With 190dps, nearly 1100 HP and a range of up to 1500m this unit brings death to everything in front of it
  • The types of installed weapons is chosen carefully and deals with big heavy ships as well as several fighters or a swarm of small ships
  • Within 15s this ship deals up to 2860 damage points in full contact, 1450 from a distance of 1000m and 900 from 1500m
  • Most weapon systems have a 90° firing angle which means that you have to turn the Stinger Squid into the direction you want to shoot in. Due to the big wings the turn speed for doing that is sufficient as long as your enemies are at least 250m away from you
  • If you use the giant Squid and the Giant Stinger Squid as a team, the Stinger is the one who engages getting protected by the missiles of his companion. If the Stinger gets below 50% HP you engage with the other Squid first and move in when the enemy ships start shooting.
  • Weakness: The Stinger Squid is a very strong fighter but it comes with the catch that he drains the energy of the batteries quite fast. To avoid that I strongly recommend to make the External Re-Charger the next unit you build after building the Stinger!

3.4 Support

External Re-Charger


  • This guy is a pure supporter and was designed to be fast enough to follow all your fighters or destroyers
  • The energy management keeps the on-board system supplied and delivers the maximum of 960 E/s to external units
  • As this unit is important but light and defenseless  it comes with two cloaking devices that will keep this unit invisible at all times (except an enemy ship bumps into it)
  • Don’t look at this ship as a nice tool or toy. It is needed to re-power your fighters in long battle sessions or your destroyers when under heavy attack!

The Middle-Finger Decoy


  • Get spammed by missiles and projectiles? Running into a dangerous  fight against some strong units?
  • Point the middle finger to show your what you think about that! This unit is an offer your enemy cannot deny 🙂
  • It tanks 1070 damage points and is exactly for that purpose:  let the enemy shoot at you … you couldn’t care less!
  • Engage with the decoy to get the enemy ships shooting at it. Once this is done you move in with your fighters and take them out
  • The finger has no wings and the turn speed is horrible … send it to the right position and leave it there to die!
  • Note: Use this unit only if you have no chance getting to your enemy. It is a support to break through the enemy lines nothing more!
  • In most cases you are better off with a stealth missile. It really depends on the situation you are in. Try it out and decide for yourself 😉

3.5 Bombs & Rockets



  • This unit looks like BS … 4 widely arranged warheads with a battery and 3 thrusts? In fact this is a KA (Kick-Ass :-)) unit that saves the live of drones, fighters and destroyers at the same time!
  • The capacity is big enough to reach any point on the map, the speed is with 432 m/s very fast and the 100 damage points are dealt to everything in an area of 210m.
  • Use this bomb to clear enemy positions that are held by only a drone or ships that ran out of energy to clear it. If you build this unit together with the AC-Drone you can clear and conquer a position very fast and annoy your opponent big time
  • If your opponent sees your big ships he might want to send some stealth missiles to destroy them. If you keep an eye on what your opponent builds and if you see that he build a rocket or stealth unit then you build 1-3 O-Bombs and send it in front of your destroyer. Any passing stealth rocket will get destroyed making the attack of your enemy useless!
  • If your enemy is about to loose a ship or if you know that he might be building a new ship soon the O-Bomb again is your best friend: send 4-6 of em directly into his spawn area. If he builds a new ship it immediately gets destroyed … and probably make him/her cry 🙂
  • Actually this is always my final move … ones I am about to conquer the last position I get some O-Bombs to really leave no possibility open or give the opponent any chance to come back. It is mean, devastating and very annoying – exactly what we want to be on the battle field!

Stealth Missile


  • As the price of 178 $ should already tell : This is to damage middle-big ships
  • This beauty delivers 175 invisible damage points to its target and 25 of them affect everything in an area of 210m
  • If you build one of those and then command it to follow  an enemy unit  (‘f’ and then click on the enemy ship)  this becomes a self guided stealth missile
  • Do that same thing with 5 missiles and you take out an ship with 875 HP
  • BUT: Don’t over-use missiles! Build one every now and then if you have the money and use them if you run into the danger of loosing your destroyer (for example)

4. Strategies And Procedures

  • Let’s take a look at the most important strategies that you can apply in Istrolid
  • This is quite theoretical? Yes it is and that is good! Of course you can just start playing BUT to become good you got to have the theory of what you are doing in your head!
  • Why? Because then you do not react to situations / problems thinking “Damnit what do I do?”, “Oh no I lost” or “I just build some more ships and come back somehow”. NO! That is wrong!
  • You want an already prepared battle plan in your head knowing exactly what to do in order to deal with the situation. You don’t want to come up with a solution to during the battle as you easily make errors and loose
  • I mean yeah … every now and then you run into those situations and will have to proof your ability to deal with the unforeseen but if you have a plan already in your head you can immediately start focusing on the needed steps to execute it.

4.1 Straight  March


General Information

  • Perspective: Alpha Team
  • Build 1 x Destroyer, 2 x Big Fighter, 4 x Support&Conquer Drones, if needed: 1 x Ext. Re-Charger
  • Re-build destroyed units
  • If you are good on the money, then build additional fighters
  • Try to have always more than 600 $ as a reserve. Ones you reached 800-1000$ you can build a new ship. This is to have a fall back system already in place! If anything goes wrong you will still be flexible with the saved money and can react on a problem. If you already build the wrong ship and have no money left: your screwed 🙂

1. Destroyer on Marching Route

  • Pick a destroyer, build him in the very beginning  and send him off to the Beta Base position
  • Keep your destroyer moving. Hold position only if necessary (e.g.  during attack)
  • The position of the destroyer marks the (moving) battle front. All units stay near this (blue)  line
  • The destroyer ALWAYS stays within the (in red) marked range and NEVER goes up or down
  • If you loose the destroyer, then build a new one OR change your tactics. While destroyed try to save the other units and retreat. Retreat is better than holding the position!
  •  If your destroyer gets damaged too bad you can try a retreat (moving backwards) to buy time until you can rebuild the unit
  • If you use the Giant Stinger Squid: build the ‘Ext. Re-Charger Unit’ soon! The stinger can only endure 15s full contact fight, which is 2-3 normal attacks or 1-2 heavy attacks.

2. Fighter Guards

  • The fighters need your attention and are actively maneuvered by you as they have a very important job to do!
  • Use the big fighters to: guard your destroyer, clearing  enemy positions (support the drones) and  prevent the enemy to   cross the front line
  • Build 2 units in the very beginning. And rebuild if a unit gets destroyed
  • STAY IN RANGE! You can move your fighters as you wish but NEVER leave the range of your destroyer. If an enemy ship temps you into moving out to far just don’t play along.
  • Engage: If an attack is imminent,  then get your fighters near the destroyer. If the destroyer starts shooting you can engage.
  • If you are stuck in a slow battle that involves a lot of movement, then don’t forget to get the re-charger unit. Start  re-charging, when one fighter gets below 40% energy and the front line is less than 75% away from the Beta Base

3. Position Conquering

  • Use the SC-Drones to conquer positions
  • Build 4 drones in total: 2 for the region above and 2 for the region below the marching line
  • Keep two drones busy with conquering. The other two stay behind and come to aid if needed
  • The drones can fight of other drones and small ships that ran out of energy. But that’s about it! Don’t use them as fighters. If there are enemy ships at a position clear the area with your big fighters first

4.2 Heavy Ship Cluster


  • In this strategy you build the two big destroyer ships, an external re-charger and SC-Drones or S-Drones if needed
  • Your destroyer ships move out to conquer all inner positions up to the last position of your opponent
  • The Drones conquer and hold the outer positions and support conquering the inner ones
  • Whenever you see an empty enemy position and are low on money you send off an AC-Drone for 30 bugs
  • If your opponent sends out two or more drones to a position then you do the same to hold it or re-conquer it
  • By using the ‘x’ button to stop units you try to engage in bigger fights by sending the Stinger first while his companion holds the position. When the enemy ships start firing you move in with the Giant Squid. When your Stinger gets below 60% HP you do it the other way around
  • The external re-charger follows the Stinger at all times
  • When you engage in a battle and know that you most likely win it you build some O-Bombs and send them off into the Beta Base to damage or maybe even destroy the next ship your opponent is building
  • When your opponent avoids you or is fleeing you use some stealth bombs to get him
  • Constantly keep buying new SC- Drones and park them on your positions. If money is no problem also buy some S-Drones to make it even more annoying for your opponent
  • That’s pretty much it – It is easy to execute, not very hectic and very often successful
  • During the whole battle you concentrate on maneuvering your drones and only if your destroyer ships run into a bigger battle you focus on maneuvering them

4.3 Sneaky Instant Win


  • I love this one! It is tricky and only works if your enemy uses big ships only in combination with drones. But if it works you most probably won’t stop laughing (at least I do it every time) and your opponent will immediately leave or write something like “WTF DUDE!?!?”
  • The whole execution takes 1 minute and  your done 🙂
  • There are 4 enemy positions and 4 of yours. Directly in the beginning you build 8 S-Drones and immediately send them off to the center of the map
  • While they are on the way you select each unit and command them to fly to one of the positions. Park them in front of the position and only conquer positions on your half of the battle field
  • As soon as the enemy fleet is in a position where they need 10 seconds away from any position you move all drones onto the positions as fast as possible
  • Chances are very good that you win the round within 60-80 seconds without having fired a single shot
  • If your mission fails you earned back the spent money already being able to continue with one of the other strategies
  • To execute this strategy you will need a little bit of practice and a good portion of luck! But as I said … you earn back your money in no time and do not loose more than a few seconds of time
  • Important: The S-Drones are to heavy to stay cloaked the whole way. Therefore you have to stop them in between and for doing this correctly you need to practice a little bit
  • Increase your chances: Wait a little bit before you send the drones off and get them to cloak. The ones you send off to the middle you can just send without worrying about getting de-cloaked. It is good if your enemy sees them and thinks “this idiot .. now I know he is going for the positions in the middle” … which you are not only 🙂

4.4 Fighter’s Fight


  • In this strategy you use only fighters. Build 3 big ones in the beginning and an Ext. Re-Charger. Afterwards you build 3-4 SC-Drones or S-Drones and then another Big Squid.
  • When you have everything you start building Small Squids (2-3)
  • The Big Squids move from position to position and seek the battle. But conquering is the first priority. The drones take care of the outer positions and support holding the inner ones
  • The Small Squids support holding positions and come to help if a big fight is imminent
  • If you have all troops you start building S-Bombs and send them one by one towards enemy ships OR you build more Big Squids to stock up / refresh your battle fleet
  • If you loose one fighter you have to decide if you want to move on towards the enemy base. I recommend to hold the position until you have 4 Big Squids again.
  • If your enemy is weak you should directly move to the spawn position, send in some O-Bombs and conquer the remaining positions with drones
  • That’s already it! This one is easy to carry out but from all the strategies this is also the weakest one
  • You most likely will loose ships and will have to make the decision if you continue, wait or retread a couple of times
  • But with a little bit of practice this strategy will win you a lot of battles

4.5 Sub-Strategies and Emergency Protocols

  • Next to the main strategy to win the game you should implement some variety into your tactics to deal with different situations and problems
  • Also this may be your second or third round against the same opponent and he might start to think “Now I know how to get you”. Proof him wrong by applying the following diversions:
4.5.1 Planting Bombs
  • If your enemy uses a lot of drones and small ships send of the O-Bomb to positions on a regularly basis. They will destroy drones and small ships and therefore clean up the position so that your drones can conquer them.
  • Also plant bombs on your positions! Most drones have a weapon range of 250m and most likely get hit when moving in to destroy your bomb.
  • If your opponent uses stealth bombs, you plant the O-Bombs in front of your ships as a shield
  • If an enemy ship is out of range starting to conquer positions, you send off some S-Bombs and reconquer the lost positions with drones
  • If your enemy is about building a new ship, you send of 3-4 O-Bombs or 1-2 S-Bombs to the spawn position. Look at the ships of your enemy and make a rough estimation how much his units cost. If it is in the area of 1000$ he will probably build the next ship within 70-100s. A 500$ ship in 30-50 seconds. Make sure to get your bombs into his base within this time frame.
4.5.2 Force to Action
  • Be annoying! Use your drones in every free second you get to send them out and conquer positions
  • If your opponent does not react, you get the position and and win an money advantage => one step closer to a  win
  • If your opponent reacts it will cost him time where he cannot maneuver his ships an has to think about how he gets back the position. That weakens him as it buys you time and if he send out one of his bigger ships or fighters you have an easier battle => again one step closer to a win
  • In total that makes a win-win situation where you are the only one winning … great!
  • Doing this you force  your enemy to react and become hard, unpleasant and annoying enemy … exactly what you want to be!
4.5.3 Drone Swarms
  • If your enemy uses small ships / fighters  to conquer positions you can team up 4-6 SC-Drones
  • It costs 350-530 $ and is quite efficient! You can conquer up to 3 positions and fight against  small ships before  the drones run out of power
  • You can use the drones to create an extra damage output on big and heavy ships! Engage with your fighter or destroyer and when the enemy ship starts shooting you send in the drones. 6 Drones deal 60 additional damage per second or 600 additional damage within 10s … that’s a big help! Most often 3-4 units will have enough power afterwards to park them on a position. That can be an enemy position or your own.
  • Note: use drone swarms to only on your half of the battle field to ensure that they have enough fighting power
4.5.4 Decoys
  • If the enemy ships are too fast for you or have an insanely big range you might consider using a decoy
  • A decoy is WONDERFUL against ‘long rangers’ if you team it up with a drone swarm. The drones are way too fast for any long ranged ship and most likely will take it out before the decoy gets destroyed. For that however you will need 7-8 drones (700 $). That is quite expensive and I recommend to try out a stealth bomb first. If it hits you send more if it still doesn’t work use the decoy
  • Most often insanely long ranged and boosted units are not self-sufficient in the energy management and will get drained by your decoy
  • While your decoy gets shot at you engage with your fighter/destroyer to destroy other units or conquer positions and let your opponent alone with his problems
4.5.5 Destroyer Down
  • Don’t panic and keep your cool. You are far from finished!
  • Why did the destroyer go down? Did you make a mistake or does your opponent have the right ships to take out your destroyer?
  • Your mistake means you can continue with your strategy. Otherwise I strongly recommend to switch to the Fighter’s Fight strategy using only fighter units

If you don’t switch tactics

  • Stop buying anything. If you managed your money good you might already be able to afford a new destroyer. Otherwise you wait!
  • Slowly retreat your fighters but only  when enemy ships are about to come into range.  If needed: all the way back to your base
  • Use your remaining drones to conquer positions that are left alone or weakly protected to buy you some  time
  • Use your fighters in a way that it looks like you are ready for the next battle but don’t engage! Just keep your opponent busy
  • If you spot an empty enemy position and run out of drones you build an AC-Drone to conquer it
  • As soon as you get your new destroyer you move your fighters back to the new front line and star over
  • If you don’t make it in time and the enemy ships are coming towards your base you build the Big Squid and O-Bombs to fight them off. Afterwards you start building drones to re-conquer positions and get some money
  • If In this last case you don’t build another Big Squid as soon as possible and use them to defend yourself. You also might need the External Re-Charger. During the whole time you keep conquering with drones and buy a new one every now and then.
  • If the next wave is rolling in and you still cannot build the destroyer, you build stealth bombs and send 1-2 at every incoming ship. Your fighter(s) will take it from there.
  • If you finally got your destroyer you start over and follow the strategy you are using
  • Doing all this or at least knowing that you can do that already brought me back from situations where the thought “That’s it” was coming to my mind. Never ever get fooled by that! It is over 5 seconds AFTER the text “You loose” appears 😉

If you switch tactics

  • Do the same thing but buy fighter units instead of the destroyer.
  • You have to get 3-4 big fighter or 2-3 big and 1 small one to be able to dominate again
  • First make sure you have at least 2 fighter available and then build the re-charger unit
  • Afterwards build two more fighters and run down the strategy
  • Make sure to build some drones in between
4.5.6 All Fighters down
  • If your fighters go down you stop your destroyer
  • If no ship is incoming you retread slowly and wait until you get at least 1 new fighter
  • If the ships of your opponents were seriously damaged you should send off a stealth bomb to finish them
  • Keep your drones busy  and force your opponent to action
  • Don’t engage with your drones if you cannot win … simply flee and command them to another position
  • If you have only one fighter and your destroyer and have to fight off an attack you can use O-Bombs. Send 2-3 into the enemy ships after you engaged. The extra damage of that will compensate the missing fighter
4.5.7 Can’t beat that ship
  • You cannot beat a specific ship or lost a ship and do not know why
  • Then ninja-copy (see 2.4) the unit and analyze it!
  •  If you are fighting the AI then analyze: What is the weakness of the ship?
  • If you play against other people: look at the amount of HP, DPS and  Speed. Try to estimated how many Squids or Bombs you need to take the ship out . Now you can concentrate on getting the needed units and then take the ship out!
4.5.8 You keep loosing although you know the strategies
  • Yep that can happen and the reason for that is:  you need practice!
  • Start the challenge mode and train the tactics. That will be hard enough at the beginning but the more you do that the more you will be able to execute the strategies and become a good player
  • Good luck 😉

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