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TecThor-Fleet, Strategies And Procedures For Istrolid

Part 2 of the Istrolid Tutorial In this part of the Istrolid tutorial I give  the  bad-ass TecThor-Fleet which comes with  11 optimized ships that will allow you to play in one of the (many) best and most efficient way(s) right in the beginning. Also

Basics And How To Build Good Ships In Istrolid

Part 1 of the Istrolid Tutorial In this first part of the tutorial I give you basic information on how Istrolid works and what the numbers behind the ship parts mean. Also I will provide you with information, tools and strategies to build good and

How to Unlock Stuff

The Overfall Tutorial Part 3 In this part I’m going to show you how you can unlock Heroes, Companions, Utility Skills and Trinkets. I deliver two All-In-One tables that will help you big time to get your unlocks! Watch the video or go directly to

Basics, Fighter and Cleric

The Overfall Tutorial Part 1 In this Tutorial on Overfall you will find a lot of useful Tips & Tricks to improve your own gameplay for this awesome game by Pera Games. Watch the video or go directly to the tips and tricks below Note

TecThor beats Kingdom in 14 Days

In this second episode of the project I make the first Kingdom speed-run in 14 days and apply the physics that we came up with in part 1. A thriller in the end … 😀 The Challenge: “Beat the game Kingdom as fast as possible