VMC-Tec – Vanilla Minecraft Survival

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    In this combination of let’s play and tutorial TecThor plays vanilla minecraft on the VMC-Tec server. Starting by settling on an island and doing the normal grind for ressources and equipment, he also takes a look at the game mechanics and explores new possibilities to enjoy minecraft by applying math and physics.

    VMC-Tec 001: Getting started, getting villagers and building an iron farm (Minecraft 1.14.4)

    What a start!!!
    TecThor starts out into a new and fresh minecraft world on the VMC-Tec server. He makes camp on an island, starts a big gathering mission for ressources and strips the island naked in order to have a blank canvas. Before even thinking about building a dirt hut, he then collects the first villagers and builds an iron farm.

    VMC-Tec 002: Thunderbolt and lightning the secret villager lab is frightening (Minecraft 1.14.4)

    In this episode TecThor draws the consequences of a thunderstorm and secures his villagers. He builds a secret villager lab to breed his special, conditioned and loyal employees!

    VMC-Tec 003: Getting the Elytra and setting up the Inventory Management System

    Is this the END ???? … kind of! After all preparations have been done TecThor heads off into a desert to collect ender pearls and use them to locate the end portal. After an extensive end busting session in search for shulker shells and the desired elytra he then sets up his inventory management system.

    VMC-Tec 004: Building an awesome, pretty and famous house in Minecraft

    Enjoying the new freedom granted by the elytra, TecThor starts out by gathering the final bits of ressources for his first permanent base. Of course he has something special in mind and chooses to build a replica of a famous house that once was inhabited by one of the greatest minds in physics. The project is not only new territory for TecThor but also something that demands a lot of time, patience, passion and love for details.

    VMC-Tec 005: Moving storage, getting a beacon and starting the factory!

    What a grind! TecThor finally wraps up the provisoric beach camp and moves the storage to the new house. Pleased with the result he wants to get started on the big factory by digging a huge hole all the way down to bedrock. To make the process more easy he heads out into the nether to collect wither skeleton heads and fight the wither to get his hands on a beacon.

    Upcoming Epsisode:

    VMC-Tec 006: Building an automatic shulker unloader and item sorter
    Scheduled for after 05.03.2020

  • Upcoming Tutorial:

    AFK flying with the elytra – Minecraft 1.14 / 1.15 – Tutorial

    TecThor analyses the flight with an elytra to come up with an afk-flying technique. He shows how any point in the world can be reached by just setting up some parameters before and after the take off.

  • The world we are playing in:

    The seed we use is carefully selected and offers a lot of curiosities and surprises.

    • We currently are playing Minecraft 14.4
    • We settled on -738137095846765492

    Current Map:

    The VMC-Tec world (20.12.2019)

  • The VMC-Tec server allows us to do quite some experimenting!


    • dedicated root server
    • 12 x i8700 @ 3.7 Ghz
    • 10 GB RAM
    • 512 GB SSD
    • 30 Slots

    If you are a content creator / streamer and wanna be a part of the server, then join us on discord and introduce yourself!

  • There are currently playing 10 players on the server:

    • adcppk
    • MisterDummy
    • Nimrodel
    • Oreo3455
    • Ryenalie
    • Raven Skies
    • TecLoki
    • TecThor
    • Wolfboy248
    • XiadMabsax

    If you are a content creator / streamer and wanna be a part of the server, then join us on discord and introduce yourself!