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    Preview Of WizardCraft

    I found this RTS game first on Steam Greenlight and just had to try it out! In three episodes I test the Beta and the Early Access Version and cover everything the game has to offer in the current status (February 2016). Note: The game is still in development and there are currently many things that get added. I will make a fourth episode ones the all the updates are done … can’t wait to see how this is going to develop 🙂

  • Review and Game Specifics
    I played the beta and the early access version  and as an fan of games like Command&Conquer and Warcraft all I can say is: It’s a lot of fun! If you are into this kind of game you should definitely check out WizardCraft.

    The game play is straight forward: Build your base, economy, towers, troops and crush your enemies. There are a lot of different resources and objects you can get and everything depends on the main resources wood and stone. You can upgrade your base/units with victory points that you have to earn during the battle. The graphics are just cute and the music gives a nice atmosphere to the game. I especially like the map editor where you can create your own battlegrounds and the skirmish mode where you can have a battle session on one of over 50 maps and just focus on your supply chains, building up your army and destroy your enemies (on top of that all kind of parameters are customizable!).

    Also I love the dragons and the little gandalfs (wizards) that come in different types and with different abilities. After a couple of hours playing this, it still is fun and I can definitely recommend it!

    • Different game modes and adjustable conditions
    • Skirmish mode containing over 50 different maps and a fast paced ‘Battle’ mode which allows players to focus more on attacking enemy players.
    • Create your own skirmish maps with our easy to use map editor
    • 3 different difficulty levels
    • Real-time battles with up to 600 units
    • Take control of 12 different units, including archers, knights, cannons, wizards and dragons.

    Get it here: WizardCraft on Steam
    Genre: RPG • Strategy • Indie
    Reviews: Positive (>5)
    Developer: David Mccue
    Publisher: David Mccue